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The Mayor drops into JG Barbers in Nottinghamshire

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The Mayor of Broxtowe Borough Council Janet Patrick, has made a special visit to say thank you to Beeston barbers JG Barbers to reward them for their above and beyond efforts to keep COVID-19 secure.

Previous to her visit, the local council came into the traditional barbershop to thank them for their efforts in stopping the spread of coronavirus through how they were operating in the barbershop.

“They told us that right from reopening our shop has stood out as going above and beyond the measures required,” explains Elliott Coxon, of JG Barbers.

“We now feature on an email created by the council which includes a video interview with us and a few other small businesses. It’s been sent to all Broxtowe residents, and the university of Nottingham students and staff and the aim is to show the students and residents of Broxtowe Council that it is safe to shop locally.”

Watch the video below:

Elliott continues: “There is a big divide between barbershops who care about looking after everyone, to those abusing the guidance and non-regulation within the industrY. But from what I’ve heard this seems to be the case across the UK, not just in the Borough of Broxtowe.”

JG Barbers cater for a range of clients ranging from uni students to older gents, who come into the barbershop because they feel safe. “We follow all the guidelines. In my view we work as close to clients as some NHS workers do to their patients so it’s vital we’re wearing the correct kit,” Elliott explains. When MB asked Elliot how much a week he spends on PPE he said it ranged from £50-£100 and the time spent cleaning went from 15-20 hours.

It’s clear that JG Barbers are putting in the time, effort and money into remaining COVID-secure and it’s great to see their hard work being rewarded.


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