Reduce Your Barbershop Overheads This Winter With Beu Salon Software

Published 06th Oct 2022 by Josie Jackson
Reduce Your Barbershop Overheads This Winter With Beu Salon Software It probably comes as no surprise that barbershops and hair salons are some of the biggest energy users out of any small business. Due to this, they are also particularly susceptible to the rising costs of energy prices, and may rightfully be nervous with the forecasted cost of energy increase this coming winter. However, there are a few steps that can be taken to reduce your monthly overhead costs, and possibly even improve the experience for your staff and customers in the process.


Barbershop Software

If you have been following the news recently, we are sure you have heard advice from government ministers to drop the subscriptions for your favourite streaming service to save money that can be put towards your heating bill.

Beu are not one to tell you to sacrifice your enjoyment, but it think a similar approach can be taken with saving on your business overheads by looking at the price you are paying for your software. Often software is designed to attract you in with a free trial or a freemium version, which once you are stuck in the ecosystem seems to sting you with a plethora of different commissions for online bookings, offline booking payments and necessary features.

Beu likes to do things a little differently. Its software was built with direct feedback from barbers. Consequently, its business model is not designed to move clients between different premises and collect commissions. It have a straightforward pricing structure, starting from just £25 a month, with all the features you need to run a successful business.


Reduce Your Barbershop Overheads This Winter With Beu Salon Software


Barbershop Software With A Difference

Beu is designed for both employed and self-employed businesses, and allows barbershops with a mix of staff types to work seamlessly together. Available on both web and mobile devices, Beu allows your staff to manage appointments with complete point of sale functionality available from any device. Not only does this save time for any front of house staff, it makes the entire salon more efficient.

Creating the best possible experience for your clients starts with creating the perfect working environment, where the shop staff are happy and motivated. Beu software is designed to do just that. As well as facilitating online bookings and providing your clients with an app to manage their appointments, it also provides great features to the business to make it as successful and happy as possible. Beu works with self-employed and employed staff, allowing commissions to be set independently and automatically calculated. Its diary features allows you to maximise the amount of bookings you can take in a day, and are flexible enough to work for all barbershops. Set deposits, take payment in advance, manage all your staff, process payments at the end of the booking, and much more, from just £25 a month.

Find out more at, use code MB30 to save up to £108, and upgrade your business today.



This is a sponsored post in collaboration with Beu.
Josie Jackson

Josie Jackson

Published 06th Oct 2022

Josie supports the team with content for the print magazine, website and social media channels at HJ. Having grown up in a salon environment (thanks to her hairdresser mum) and even working as a Saturday girl before getting her degree in English Literature, Josie feels right at home in the industry. Although she’s experimented with a few creative colour looks in the past, she always comes back to blonde, and loves all things hydrating and bond building.

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