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Man on a mission


Mike Taylor co-founded the British Barbers Association because he wanted respectfor his amazing profession. Modern Barber asks

How did the BBA happen?
Barbers are perceived as hairdressings poor cousins, so the BBA was created to givebarbers a voice. Its free to join and has amazing support from leading barber brands.Plus we work with VTCT and HABIA to improve barber education. We now have 5000members.

Why should barbers join?
For better pay, better skills, better recognition and an overall better future. Togetherwe have a bigger voice, one thats now finally being heard. Plus you get good dealson products, services, education and regular industry updates.

What are you shouting about?
Anyone can open a barbershop without any training; barbering needs licensingto raise standards and improve public trust. The Hairdressing Council is currentlyworking on a dossier to take to Parliament.

Anything else?
Training! Many educators are from unisex salons; we dont have enough educatorswith experience in barbering. Students need to see that barbering is different fromhairdressing. Download the HABIA standards and check you college is deliveringthem.

Dont you have a day job?
Im an educator and I have five co-owned barbershops. I work two days a week onthe shop floor.

Whats next?
Im working with the VTCT on a series of basic barber training videos, preparing forthe BBA Masters Competition that will again be held at BarberConnect in May. Itsgoing to be great.

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