More barbershops forced to close as more areas in England put into Tier 4

tier 4 barbershops close

A regional lockdown of large areas in the East, South East and South West England will come into effect on Boxing Day (26 December) forcing more salons and barbershops to close.

The new geographical extension of the Tier 4 lockdown comes as another new ‘more transmissable’ coronavirus variant is detected, Health Secretary Matt Hancock has announced.

Areas affected are …

  • Sussex
  • Oxfordshire
  • Suffolk
  • Norfolk
  • Cambridgeshire
  • Parts of Essex currently not in Tier 4
  • Waverley in Surrey
  • Hampshire (apart from the New Forest)

The measure is effectively a regional lockdown and will come into force on Boxing Day. This comes as a huge blow to the barbering industry, despite going to great lengths to ensure PPE and hygiene measures are followed.