Speakeasy Style Barbershop Interior

Published 22nd Aug 2023 by Sian Jones
We speak to Nick Karel, lead barber at The Barbershop Cuts & Cocktails inside The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas, which boasts a hidden prohibition-era style lounge and speakeasy...

How did you get into barbering?

I’ve always liked to see the result of something I’ve completed with my hands and my passion to become a barber from a young age has led to me taking pride in giving my clients the best experience. I now use my expertise at The Barbershop Cuts & Cocktails where I can use my skills to cut hair for people visiting from all over the world.

What or who helped you to perfect the skills you have now?

I originally learned my trade at Masterpiece Barber College before apprenticing at a shop named Cutting Edge. Throughout my career, I’ve always tried to surround myself with other great barbers. Having the opportunity to work beside them really helped me to pick up little tips and tricks along the way.

Tell us a bit about the barbering industry in the US?

The barbering industry in the US has really taken off in the last five or six years because of all the different styles that people are willing and wanting to rock. As barbers, we are constantly seeking new learning opportunities to stay current on the latest trends.



What inspires you?

My inspiration comes from my clients. I get a great sense of fulfilment every time I give someone a haircut that changes their day and truly makes them feel good about themselves. I can watch a person’s mood or feeling change with a great service and haircut. To have the opportunity to do that on the Las Vegas Strip for people from all over is incredible. I also enjoy giving back and participating in community outreach programs that offer haircuts for people in less fortunate situations.

What are your plans for 2023 and the future?

To never stop growing as a professional in the field. I don't see myself as just a barber – but as a master of my craft and an artist of hair. Not to mention, expansion in the industry is always on the horizon. The barber world is always changing and to be a master you have to change and grow with it as well. So professionally and personally, I want and plan to continue towards mastering my craft.



Will we get to see you in the UK soon?

I want to learn about the trends and techniques from barbers in other parts of the world, so I’m working on plans to spend some time traveling, and the United Kingdom is definitely a part of that.

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Sian Jones

Sian Jones

Published 22nd Aug 2023

Sian is Editor Modern Barber and Deputy Editor Hairdressers Journal International. She has over ten years’ experience writing for print publications covering Youth & Children, TV & Entertainment and Lifestyle. Sian graduated with a degree in journalism, and whilst studying was nominated for the Guardian Digital Journalist of the Year award in 2011.

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